25+ events already confirmed for Climate Week NYC 2015

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17 July 2015

NEW YORK: From September 21-28, the 7th edition of Climate Week NYC will be hosted by The Climate Group. There are already over 25 events confirmed across New York City with more being added daily, but here are some key events to watch out for.

This year’s Climate Week NYC will help push climate change to the top of the global agenda, working closely with the UN Summit for the Adoption of the Post-2015 Development Agenda in NYC, ahead of the UN Conference of the Parties in Paris this December.

There have been over 400 events hosted at Climate Week NYC over the past six years, in the form of conferences, lectures, high-profile debates, concerts, community projects, screenings, closed door meetings and art exhibitions.

This year many events are looking to leverage business opportunities to address global social and environmental challenges. In particular, the UN Private Sector Forum will convene 300 heads of state and government, chief executive officers, civil society leaders and UN agencies to bring the voice of the private sector to intergovernmental negotiations.

Another event, entitled ND-GAIN, will honor both multi-national and local organizations that have made measurable climate adaptation and resilience impacts. A similar theme will also be the focus of the Clinton Global Initiative, which will host an event based on ‘The Future of Impact’ to discuss long-term investments and expansion of proven climate solutions to underserved geographies, markets and populations.

But Climate Week NYC is also renowned for the diversity of its events, with activities addressing climate through the diverse lenses of not just business and government, but technology, design, art, music and many more platforms – which all serve to engage an ever-growing and more influential audience.

This year technology, engineering and design for a sustainable future will play a central role in the conversations held at Mashable’s Social Good Summit and the Hardware Hackathon. A younger crowd will also be drawn to the free music festival featuring Ed Sheeran and other celebrities hosted in Central Park by Global Citizen, which advocates for the end of global poverty.

Whether you're interested in attending or following the public-facing or closed-door business events, The Climate Group is updating the events calendar daily at ClimateWeekNYC.org.

Contact us if you’d like to host an event, become a sponsor or volunteer at Climate Week NYC and connect with us on social media for current updates on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

By Lindsey Chew

Events online so far:

September 23 

- Corporations Leading Climate Resilience Around the World

September 25-27 

- UN Climate Summit to Adopt the post-2015 Development Agenda

September 26

- Hardware Hackathon - sustainability

- Global Citizen Festival

- UN Private Sector Forum

- Clinton Global Initiative (Saturday-Tuesday)

September 27

- Social Good Summit

September 28

- CWNYC Signature Event

September 29

- 2nd Environmental Compliance and Commitment Legal Summit

Find out more at ClimateWeekNYC.org

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