Accelerating adoption of climate friendly LED lighting central at Climate Chance conference in Nantes

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7 October 2016

LONDON: Climate friendly and socially inclusive LED lighting solutions were a central topic of discussion during the Climate Chance 2016 conference in Nantes on September 27. In its second year, Climate Chance has established itself as a global event to give a voice to non-state actors engaging in the climate change agenda and to catalyze actions ahead of the COP22 climate summit in Marrakech in November. 

On the second day of the conference, The Climate Group hosted a workshop on ‘Accelerating adoption of LED street lighting’ as part of its ongoing global LED city consultation. Speakers at the event included Dr. Peter Curley, Program Manager for the LED scale-up program, The Climate Group, Lara Noivo Fernandes, Global Manager Professional Services, Philips Lighting and Dany Joly, Head of Department for Public Lighting and Infrastructure, City of Nantes.

The workshop highlighted the benefits of scaling up LED lighting solutions for cities around the globe and the key role that LEDs can play in helping cities to reach the under 2 degrees Celsius climate target set out in the Paris Agreement at COP21 in December. During the workshop, The Climate Group provided insights on key challenges still facing cities in adopting LEDs, and potential solutions.

Presentations focused on the energy saving potential of LEDs, the business case options, financing, smart lighting, future-proofing, and showcased the wider socio-economic benefits that modern lighting in cities can provide.

Dr. Peter Curley said: “Post COP21, it is now time to move from commitments to action and LEDs are the number one, ready to implement technology to deploy at scale to help cities meet their carbon reduction commitments and save money.

The Climate Chance conference in Nantes offered a great opportunity for state and regional governments, non-state actors and stakeholders at all levels to connect and share best practice towards implementation of the Paris Agreement. At The Climate Group, we are proud to be part of these conversations and contribute through our States & Regions Alliance and corporate programs with business leaders globally. We look forward to continuing such conversations on the urgency of climate action and the role LEDs can play in the post Paris agenda.”

by Arianna Tozzi

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