American Clean Revolution

Why the US should play to win on the clean economy
Reading time: 45 minutes
24 September 2012

Throughout history, American innovation and entrepreneurship have prompted some of the world's greatest achievements. Today, though, the prospects of providing our children with the same opportunities we've fought for and enjoyed are facing two major threats; a stagnant economy, and the increasingly devastating and costly impacts of climate change.

The challenge is like few others in our history. We must find a new way forward for this great nation, one that safeguards our future and addresses the economic challenges of today. We need a new American Revolution. An American Clean Revolution.

This is our one, real hope for a better future. It means a swift, massive transformation of our economy, powered by clean, plentiful, affordable energy. It is the commonsense road to generating growth, creating prosperity, and ensuring sustainability.

Researchers have shown that a clean energy strategy could deliver GDP gains of US$3 trillion to the US economy. Global business opportunities for US companies are potentially huge: the clean tech market will be worth US$2 trillion by the end of the decade.

Leadership and innovation is not only what built America: it's what will take us forward. The passive acceptance of economic decline through climate change is not the American way. It's time for bold leadership to drive this transformation, revive our economy, and make our country great again.

Find out exactly how America will win US$3 trillion for its economy by downloading the report using the button above, now.

See our American clean revolution infographic here.

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