Anirban Ghosh, Mahindra Group: Paris and Davos must align on clean technologies for a sustainable future

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14 January 2016

Anirban Ghosh, Vice President - Group Sustainability, Mahindra Group writes for The Climate Group about the idea of improving 'technology flow' to secure a sustainable future post Paris and ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos.  

Before the global climate deal was announced, COP21 in Paris also experienced a rousing start. It is fair to say that the launch of the International Solar Alliance led by the Indian Government and the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition formed by the World Bank are purposeful steps in the right direction. They were followed by a number of important program launches throughout the COP.

It was most heartening to see world leaders on a common stage for a common cause, lending unstinted support for action. As we witnessed at COP21, the climate conversation has come a long way.

Now, technology and innovation are being referred to as the saviour in various conversations, and there is angst about the flow of technology and finance from those who have it to those who need it.

Well, if effective technology exists, then everybody needs it to win the battle by curbing global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius. The technologies will flow if the agency that has the technology also has a vested interested in sharing it with someone who doesn't.

Technology flow has happened before. It was called outsourcing. World class manufacturing happens in China, world class automobile components are made in India and world class clothes are made all over Asia. Indeed, none of this would have happened without the effective flow of technology.

But what could be the driver for the flow of climate change fighting clean technologies to help the planet survive?

If this conversation were to be happening in Davos, nations would be most perturbed if the less developed ones among them were not progressing economically, as it would threaten the well-being of businesses in more developed nations and in turn the economies of those nations themselves.

It is crucial not to lose sight of this post Paris and ahead of Davos, for the sustainability of the planet and therefore mankind as we know it.

Mahindra is delighted that the world community has reached an agreement at Paris. We are happy to have made a constructive contribution to the deliberations. We believe strongly in 'shared value' enterprises; where you can do well and do good at the same time. Hence we see this global agreement as the tipping point for the scaling up of green commerce.

The aftermath of Paris - which begins with Davos - must lead to a path of low carbon development and enable the flow of innovation around climate related and clean technologies. Only then can we bring economic and sustainable benefits to all.

By Anirban Ghosh, Vice President - Group Sustainability, Mahindra Group

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