Approaching a tipping point

How corporate users are redefining global electricity markets
23 January 2018

Progressive companies are transforming global energy markets. Led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP, RE100 brings together the world’s most significant, ambitious and forward-thinking companies who are accelerating the transition to a zero-emissions economy by committing to 100% renewable electricity across their operations.

At the time of publishing, 122 multinational businesses have made the RE100 commitment – and more are joining the campaign each month. Renewable electricity is no longer a niche demand of a few companies looking to ‘do the right thing’ solely for their corporate social responsibility efforts. As prices continue to plummet, renewables make clear business sense.

This is the third annual report of RE100. It tracks the progress of member companies working towards their 100% goals, provides key annual findings of RE100, and gives insights into some of the most critical issues around the role of businesses in future energy markets.

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