British Columbia joins States & Regions Alliance ahead of COP21

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25 November 2015

NEW YORK: The Canadian province of British Columbia has joined The Climate Group’s States & Regions Alliance, a network of sub-national government leaders from around the world that is influencing the international climate dialogue.

British Columbia joins 30 other sub-national governments in showcasing their innovative climate initiatives and programs through The Climate Group’s pioneering program.

Libby Ferguson, States & Regions Director, The Climate Group, says: “We’re delighted to have British Columbia back on board our internationally recognized States & Regions Alliance, one week before the global climate talks in Paris. This year British Columbia has committed to long-term decarbonization through the Under2MOU and has reported its ambitious climate actions to the Compact of States and Regions. We look forward to working with the pioneering government and its refreshed ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, steam ahead with climate initiatives and create green jobs for its people.”

With COP21 beginning in just a few days, it is important that governments demonstrate their low carbon efforts to an international audience – including those in the negotiating rooms in Paris. Mary Polak, British Columbia’s Minister of Environment comments: “Our membership with The Climate Group’s States & Regions Alliance will serve as an effective platform to work together to reinforce the message that, to meet the commitments made in Paris, leaders can look to sub-nationals like British Columbia and our track record of climate action success.”

As a founding signatory of the Under2MOU initiative, British Columbia has already achieved carbon neutrality across its public sector for five years.

Since being initiated 10 years ago, the States & Regions Alliance has maintained close links with other projects led by The Climate Group, allowing governments to work in particular with corporate leaders.

British Columbia was the first jurisdiction in North America to introduce a broad-based, revenue-neutral carbon tax, and boasts a carbon-neutral public sector.

The government also reports its climate activities to The Climate Group’s Compact of States and Regions, which is the first ever single, global account of GHG reduction targets made by state and regional governments.

The Compact’s first disclosure report will be released at COP21 in Paris in just over a week’s time to highlight the already successful climate actions of sub-national governments. It will also show the reporting governments’ ambitious post-Paris climate targets to highlight what will be done in order to reach global emissions reductions targets.

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by Gabriella Romano

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