Businesses and Carbon Neutrality

Reading time: 4 minutes
22 November 2007

This discussion paper outlines how going 'carbon neutral' can provide companies with an opportunity to lead on the climate issue and the chance to engage and empower customers and employees, as well as providing a strong communications platform.   A number of companies have already taken this step, with some offsetting at the corporate level and others applying offsets to their products and services. For instance, HSBC have received considerable coverage around their carbon neutral strategy and are now ranked top in class on environmental performance in several lists. Other banks have now followed suit, along with businesses in the transport, media and retail sectors. As awareness around offsetting builds, through events such as the "carbon neutral" 2006 World Cup and 2008 Olympics, concerts and conferences, new opportunities to communicate to stakeholders and build brand profile on climate change will emerge.  Companies who have taken the initial step of going 'carbon neutral' will be well-positioned in this growing market.

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