Charging ahead on electric vehicles: 2020 EV100 Progress and Insights Report

Marie Reynolds
Reading time: 1 minutes
5 February 2020

With transport now accounting for a quarter of global emissions, businesses are increasingly seizing the opportunity to lead on tackling the climate crisis by switching their vehicle fleets to electric.

Charging ahead on electric fleets: Will automakers keep pace with corporate demand? is the 2020 EV100 Progress and Insights Annual Report from The Climate Group, tracking the progress of more than 60 global companies as they transition to electric mobility.

It shows that corporate and leasing fleet commitments will see the roll-out of more than 2.5 million zero-emission vehicles by 2030 – saving 42 million metric tons CO2e, the annual emissions of 11 coal power plants. Companies are making good progress toward their goals and have already rolled out more than 80,000 EVs and nearly 10,000 charge points for employees and customers.

However, the report also shows that a lack of EV supply is the biggest barrier to faster progress for 79% of EV100 members – up by a third from last year.

As more and more companies join EV100 and commit to go electric by 2030, automakers must turbo charge EV supply to meet the growing demand – and governments must deliver supportive policies.

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