Climate Action Compass for Indian States launches

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28 March 2019

The Climate Group is launching a new tool: the Climate Action Compass for Indian States. The compass will enable Indian state governments to assess performance on their regional climate action plans, as well as align them with India’s national ambition on climate.

Indian state governments are critical to unlocking opportunity, finance and networks for climate and energy solutions in India. They play a significant role in realizing climate targets at the implementation level as they are responsible for enacting policies and executing development programs that have a strong bearing on emissions management at the regional level.

More importantly, subnational governments (states, regions and cities) are responsible for the delivery of basic services in scenarios where rising temperatures and pollution levels impact people and their livelihoods.

As a first step, all 29 Indian states and seven union territories are preparing for this by structuring and implementing their State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) – a framework to respond to the effects of rising temperatures specific to their jurisdiction.

How the Climate Action Compass for Indian States can help

The framework (in Microsoft Excel) enables states to assess their climate action based on their domestic priorities (under their SAPCC). It is based on key metrics that are inspired by national goals set out by India.

These metrics measure social performance, energy conservation efforts, waste management, emission intensity reduction, renewable energy, carbon sinks, climate change adaptation, climate finance and technology in states. A completed assessment gives Indian states an output report that identifies key achievements and areas for improvement.

Inspiring action by states

The use of the framework aims to offer direction and identify areas that need strengthening while planning for a state-level climate policy strategy. Building this evidence is an opportunity for states to showcase their role in supporting India’s leadership on climate action.

More specifically, the tool assists:

  • State planners in determining progress on state-level climate priorities and aligning them with national targets
  • National planners in assessing progress in states for India to achieve its goals
  • Civil society to identify opportunities to strengthen adaptation and mitigation gaps at the state-level

To gain access to, or learn more about the tool, please contact Nehmat Kaur, South Asia Government Relations Manager

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