Consensus and Cooperation for a Clean Revolution

China and global sustainable development
Reading time: 22 minutes
18 June 2012

Researchers from the highly influential Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and The Climate Group have come together to produce this report, which suggests China should place clean technology investment at the heart of its economic growth plans. They say China is at the cusp of driving a new global clean industrial revolutionthat will meet the needs of a growing population sustainably, and improve China’s international standing.

The authors of the report call for closer cooperation between China and the international community to drive the low carbon revolution, which will help tackle the global financial crisis by creating millions of green jobs as well as curb carbon emissions.

Using the feedback from a survey of 50 global and Chinese corporate representatives, the report gives insight into the debate among Chinese policy makers on the country’s future strategy for sustained economic growth, and offers ways to address the country’s current resource, energy and environmental challenges.

As China’s new generation of leaders assume office, they have the opportunity for creating a smarter, better, more prosperous future – for China, and the world.

See our China infographic here.

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