COP 16: Post-Cancun Analysis briefing

Reading time: 9 minutes
30 January 2011

This detailed briefing provides our analysis and views on what the 2010 UN Climate Conference in Cancun means for governments and businesses. Key takeaways are summarized on page one.

The briefing is divided into the following key sections:

  1. "The Cancun Agreements", which provides a factual summary of the main outcomes from the Cancun Conference.
  2. "Analysis: Key Takeaways", which analyses the implications arising from the key Cancun outcomes
  3. "Analysis: Key Country Reactions", which looks at what Cancun means for the US, China, India and the EU.
  4. "Annexes I & II", which respectively provide a detailed breakdown of the Cancun Agreements and a work programme summary for the year ahead.
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