Delivering Low Carbon Growth

a Guide to China's 12th Five Year Plan
Reading time: 15 minutes
15 January 2012

China has plans to continue its ‘clean revolution’ over the next five years, with significant targets for low-carbon energy, energy efficiency and clean technology. The policy framework, for this as contained in the 12th Five Year Plan covering 2011-2015, will be more sophisticated, with phasing in of market mechanisms and ‘bottom-up’ action in provinces and cities.

The report concludes that China’s low-carbon ambitions are accelerating and will bend the nation’s carbon emissions growth curve in the next five years. At the same time the country’s energy supply is incorporating more non-fossil fuel sources and low-carbon technologies will continue to develop rapidly. The Chinese market for low-carbon technology is gradually opening to foreign owned enterprises, but competition is intensifying.

Finally, China’s approach to energy management is evolving to include market mechanisms,but challenges remain.

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