Efficiency for Access Day to take place at India Energy Access Summit next month

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19 July 2016

NEW DELHI: The Climate Group and Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) will jointly organize Efficiency for Access day alongside the India Energy Access Summit on August 12, 2016, in New Delhi.

The day will showcase the power of energy efficiency in driving universal energy access and highlight the tremendous opportunity of providing clean and affordable energy efficient lighting and appliances to rural communities and villages in India. 

Krishnan Pallassana, India Director, The Climate Group comments: “Story of energy access is incomplete without demand side efficiency. Accelerating the adoption of energy efficient technologies such as light-emitting diode (LED) lighting and other household appliances is absolutely key to reaching universal energy access in India.

“Wide-scale energy access will help provide economic prosperity for the country’s fast-growing population while also meeting the carbon emission reduction commitments of the Indian government that were pledged at the global COP21 climate talks in Paris last year.

“Following commitments from the Indian government to achieve full scale adoption of LED lighting – both indoor and outdoor – by the end of 2018, this is a pivotal year for India to implement energy efficiency measures at scale and spur universal energy access.”

India’s decentralized renewable energy – or off-grid – sector is growing rapidly, and is expected to play a critical role in closing India’s energy access gap through solutions such as solar home systems and mini-grids, complementing the national grid based distribution system by offering universal access and last mile connectivity.

High-quality, super-efficient off-grid indoor and outdoor LED lighting, as well as appliances such as televisions, fans and refrigerators are es­sential to the growth and acceleration of off-grid markets. By using less electricity, efficient lighting and appliances can reduce the size of the SHSs or mini-grid needed to provide service, cutting prices by up to 50% and unlocking vast new market segments. 

The day will feature three side events that highlight the role of efficient end-use technologies – including energy efficient community lighting, indoor LEDs, household appliances and income generating equipment – in the energy access context. It will also identify ways to strengthen the overall ecosystem for rapid adoption of efficient end-uses in India as part of broader energy access efforts.

“Highly efficient appliances, equipment and end-use technologies can unlock a wider range of energy services for Indian households living off the grid more affordably by radically reducing the required energy supply investment,” said the US Department of Energy’s Dr. Rose Mutiso, who leads the Global LEAP initiative.

“This event will shine a light on the productive interplay between energy efficiency and energy access, and showcase the leadership of off-grid energy players from both the public and private sector in leveraging energy efficiency as a critical pathway to achieving universal energy access in India.”

by Arianna Tozzi

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