Energy productivity saves money: Find out more at B4E Climate Summit

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28 July 2015

LONDON: More than 400 business and government leaders will convene at the B4E Climate Summit in London to discuss how energy productivity can boost economic growth while curbing greenhouse gas emissions. The Climate Group is offering a 20% discount on ticket prices.

The B4E Climate Summit takes place on September 9-10. Now in its 5th year, the Summit will bring together leading speakers from media, the corporate world and NGOs to demonstrate how businesses can produce more of the same products – and reap bigger profits – using the same amount of energy.

“Increasing energy productivity has a central role to play in mitigating climate change,” says Mark Kenber, CEO of The Climate Group. “It has the potential to not only reduce the demand for energy and, with it carbon emissions, but also increase economic productivity.

“Corporates and governments have a key leadership role to play in catalyzing actions to double energy productivity. How these important stakeholders choose to respond to the energy productivity question in an increasingly globalized economy will undoubtedly determine the future competitiveness of their respective entities.

“With increasing international collaboration, collectively we can accelerate energy productivity globally, which will lead us toward a prosperous, low carbon future.”


The term ‘energy productivity’ describes the output and quality of goods and services per unit of energy input. It is the other side of the concept ‘energy efficiency’ – which means using less energy to deliver the same service.

This is both an environmental and economic issue. A recent report from Philips indicates 98% of all energy produced globally is wasted through inefficiency, and that boosting energy production would create millions of new jobs.

In the US, the government has set a goal to double its energy productivity over 2010 levels by 2030 – an ambitious target to accelerate the shift toward a prosperous, low carbon economy. On a global scale, the current rate of energy productivity improvement is around 1.3% each year thanks to new technologies. However, financing and clear policies are key to spur the untapped potential of such issue.

At the Summit this September, forward-thinking companies will showcase their successes in such field, asking for more support to drive this transformational change.

Until July 31, you can get 40% off the full price ticket for the B4E Summit using early registration on the official website. After that, The Climate Group is offering 20% off the full ticket price using the following code: TCGB4E15D.

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