Global Cleantech Summit 2016 to be held in Beijing March 23-24

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3 March 2016

BEIJING: Just a few days after the 13th Five-Year Plan is unveiled, The Climate Group will host its second Global Cleantech Summit in Beijing on March 23-24, to accelerate the tremendous economic potential of clean technology innovation in China and beyond.

The location of the Summit in Beijing highlights the crucial role of China and wider Asian market in spurring the global clean tech revolution.

China is putting low carbon innovation at the heart of its economic planning, which will need to pass through “strengthening engagement between clean technology companies, investors and government,” explains Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group, “to capitalize on supporting the most dynamic and game-changing projects.”

“The direction of the country’s travel is clear. China is set on achieving innovative, low carbon growth – and securing a climate-resilient economy.”


Today, clean technology and energy productivity continue to move forward – smashing records in efficiency, costs and investments. And while the powerful, rising economy is still grounded in huge consumption of coal, clean technology is one way China can curb the “serious threat” posed by climate change, especially in many of its cities where air pollution is causing thousands of deaths every year.

But for every country to scale up its climate ambitions as set out in the historic Paris Agreement last December, cooperation is crucial. And because of this, collaboration a key focus of the Global Cleantech Summit.

The Summit will convene businesses, experts, academia and government representatives, providing a collaboration platform to facilitate investments and deployment of innovative clean technologies.

“Compelling economic and environmental returns are available when the right public-private partnerships are formed and smart investments are made,” underlines Changhua Wu.

Also being launched by The Climate Group at the Global Cleantech Summit is the ‘Accelerator 100’ project, which will connect 100 of China’s leading clean technology and energy companies with powerful investors.

“Empowering clean, low carbon technologies will truly shift the paradigm of the energy landscape,” concludes Changhua Wu.

Join us for the Global Cleantech Summit on March 23-24, 2016.

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