Helen Clarkson responds to news that EVs are already cheaper to own and run

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12 February 2019

Helen Clarkson, CEO, The Climate Group, responds to research released today by the International Council on Clean Transportation that electric cars are already cheaper to own and run than petrol or diesel alternatives:

“We're reaching an exciting tipping point. This news is very encouraging for the electric revolution and will reassure buyers of EVs that they're making the right investment.

Businesses leading the charge on electric vehicles in our EV100 campaign are already seeing financial benefits from switching their fleets to electric. Future-proofing their business and savings on fuel and maintenance outweigh any up-front costs.

The demand signals are loud and clear as companies and cities place ever bigger orders for EVs, growing the market and pushing prices down.

To further accelerate the inevitable shift to EVs and effectively tackle climate change and air pollution, we need the auto industry to ditch their internal combustion engine investments and go all in on clean vehicles.”

This news follows the recent launch of The Climate Group's EV100 Progress and Insights Annual Report 2019 on its electric vehicle initiative EV100. The report demonstrates that more companies than ever are switching to electric vehicles, helping to combat air pollution in cities, lower business risk and future proof their operations as low emission zones are introduced globally.

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