Home2025: Expert conversation launched on how citizen-consumers will accelerate climate action through low carbon homes

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29 March 2016

LONDON: The Climate Group has today launched an online platform with a series of blogs and articles on the decarbonization of our homes, written by experts from key sectors around the world. The aim of the series is to kick-start Home2025, a global conversation about driving massive systems change by reducing emissions in the home.

Our homes are responsible for 24% of the world’s final energy demand, which amounts to 17% of global CO2 emissions. But homes also have a much wider climate impact through their connections to wider systems such as mobility, construction, retrofits and manufacturing. That impact will be even bigger by 2025, when 8 billion people are expected to live on the planet.

Yet in many regions and countries there is no clear evidence of comprehensive policy measures directed at reducing this carbon footprint – despite real consumer appetite for low carbon goods and services. As a result, many people are excluded from making meaningful choices about how they can contribute to reducing emissions in the home and creating a safer world. It also means many citizen-consumers are denied access to the economic and health benefits low carbon homes can deliver.

Ben Ferrari, Director of Partnerships, The Climate Group: “Central to the Home2025 initiative is the proposition that the citizen-consumer can take a central role in accelerating the pace of decarbonization through the way we build and use our homes.

“Using The Climate Group’s series of case studies, collaborations, interviews and blogs, we will highlight how innovative new business models are already transforming citizen-consumer impact. But for this to matter at the system level and to make a real impact on reducing global emissions, businesses and governments must create the conditions for scale – making smarter low carbon living a reality for the 8 billion people who will be on Earth by 2025.”

Along with an infographic mapping the different systems that are linked to our homes, today we also release our first series of contributions from leaders in two key areas: the electricity system and the ‘future’ kitchen, which includes insight from leading brands IKEA and SolarCity. Starting tomorrow we will release a series of contributions on mobility, construction, retrofit, heating and cooling.  

New contributions with associated communications and social media activity will be released over the following months, leading up to the 2016 Business & Climate Summit which The Climate Group is Secretariat for. The Summit will take place on June 28-29, 2016 at the historic Guildhall in London, where the next phase of the Home2025 project will be presented, based on key themes identified over the coming months in our expert conversation series.

The Summit was first held in Paris last year ahead of the global COP21 climate talks, where it was seen as the key moment in mobilizing the international business community in support of climate action ahead of the negotiations where the historic Paris Agreement was struck.

Find out more about Home2025. For information please contact us at home2025@theclimategroup.org


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