Home2025: Flexible working and our low carbon future

Reading time: 20 minutes
15 October 2015

The Home 2025 project, a collaboration of The Climate Group’s network, highlights how we can all contribute to tackling climate change and living better lives through the way we build, power and use our homes. The impact on emissions from action at the level of the home can be transformative, and we don’t need to wait for the results of global climate change talks to start enabling these benefits. But we do need an approach that allows and encourages the greatest number of people possible to become part of the solution.

This first instalment of the Home 2025 project is focused on flexible working. One of the key shifts underway, enabled by macro trends such as mobility and technology shifts in a globalised world, is more flexibility in how we use our homes as platforms to work smarter and better. The environmental benefits are already beginning to be felt, and more potential will be unlocked as technologies advance to enable lower energy consumption of our devices, and greater connectivity to colleagues and networks.

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