IKEA Group launches home solar offer to turn customers' roofs into power stations in Poland

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28 April 2017

LONDON: IKEA Group has launched a new solar offer in Poland across nine stores and online, enabling its customers to save money and tackle climate change through renewable power.

Poland becomes the fourth market where IKEA customers can generate clean and affordable energy at home. IKEA Home Solar was launched in 2013, and has already been implemented in the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Sam Kimmins, Head of RE100, The Climate Group welcomed the news: “IKEA Group has a strong reputation for well designed, functional and affordable home furnishing – its move into the sale of home solar PV not only reflects IKEA’s leadership in responsible retail, but also demonstrates the dramatic shift that renewable electricity has made from niche luxury, to mainstream home improvement.”

The furniture and home accessories giant is headquartered in the Netherlands and is the founding partner of RE100, a business leadership initiative led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP, bringing together companies committed to 100% renewable power. 

Aiming to produce as much renewable energy as the energy it consumes by 2020, IKEA has already installed more than 730,000 solar panels on its own buildings across the world.

“We want to empower customers to take control of their energy, save money and live more sustainably at home", said Alejandro Castro Pérez, Head of IKEA Home Solar, IKEA Group.

"That is why IKEA Group aims to make home solar energy easy, attractive and affordable to as many people as possible.”

Over the coming years, IKEA Group will introduce the offer in more markets, aiming to have 20 countries selling solar panels by 2020.

Karol Gobczynski, Climate and Energy Manager, IKEA Group said: “Beyond our own operations, we want to encourage millions of people to contribute to tackling climate change. We provide products that enable our customers to live a more sustainable life at home by saving energy and water, and reducing waste. Through our home solar offer, we also help our customers to turn their roofs into power stations.”

Since 2009, IKEA Group has invested €1.5 billion in renewable energy and has committed an additional €600 million for investments in wind and solar energy generation. In Poland, IKEA Group already produces more renewable energy than it consumes, and has invested heavily in carbon free heating and increased energy efficiency.

by Jessy Field

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