India’s Clean Revolution

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23 March 2011

India’s Clean Revolution analyzes the low carbon development path India must take, for a share of the USD 2.2 trillion global clean technology market. The report argues that by prioritizing bold low carbon policies and investing in clean energy now, India is creating a better, more secure, and more prosperous future for its more than one billion people.

  • India’s share of the USD 2.2 trillion* market for low carbon goods and services in 2020 could be as much as USD 135 billion**, creating 10.5 million green jobs, and is likely to grow faster than any other country, according to HSBC research
  • India is making more progress than US on energy efficiency, and this market is expected to treble to INR 351,000 crore (USD 77 billion) in the next ten years**
  • India is now fifth in the world in terms of wind energy production**
  • Bold low carbon policies will increase India’s energy independence and help provide access to energy to those who still lack it
  • Low cost labor and a highly skilled manufacturing base will make India a major hub for clean technologies
  • The rate of increase of India’s private investment in clean energy will be 736% over the next ten years - three times that of US or China***

The information brought together in India’s Clean Revolution shows that enormous potential exists for generating new income and jobs by developing domestic renewable energy resources and clean technologies that improve the efficiency of key sectors, such as transport and industry – saving energy and money.  

* N Robins, C Singh, R Clover, Z Knight and J Magness, ‘Sizing the Climate Economy', HSBC Global Research, September 2010
** C Singh, N Robins, R Patel, 'Sizing India's Climate Economy', HSBC Global Research, January 2011
*** The Pew Centre, ‘Global Clean Power: A $2.3 Trillion Opportunity’, 2010

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