India Energy Access Summit 2016 to take place in New Delhi

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3 June 2016

NEW DELHI: The Climate Group and Clean Energy Access Network will jointly organize India Energy Access Summit on August 11, 2016 in New Delhi, to showcase decentralized energy entrepreneurs – who together can contribute to achieving India's sustainable development and climate goals.

Following India’s pledge at the global COP21 climate talks in Paris to cut national emissions, it is now even more crucial to ensure the country’s fast-growing energy demand is met through clean and sustainable sources.

Decentralized clean energy is one way India can accelerate such progress, and the India Energy Access Summit 2016 will serve as a platform to share both the achievements and best practices of entrepreneurs in the sector.

Industry, business and government leaders will also address the challenges and issues that must be overcome to enable decentralized renewable energy to play a truly complementary role to centralized energy providers, and help meet India's sustainable developmental goals.

Krishnan Pallassana, Executive Director, The Climate Group, says: “Prime Minister Modi has asserted that access to energy is fundamental to achieve equitable growth. Decentralized renewable energy (DRE) systems that complements India’s distribution grid offers the most viable solution to delivering the aspirations of our growing population while contributing to our national climate action targets.

“But for this to happen, a robust enabling policy and regulatory environment is a pre-requisite. This and more will be explored at India Energy Access Summit, which follows the resounding success of last year’s India Off-grid Energy Summit.”

The India Energy Access Summit, which was called the India Off-Grid Energy Summit last year, will be spread over three days, with the main event focused on India’s energy access business community on August 11. August 10 and 12 will be made up of parallel side events, organized in association with program partners.


Today, the market conditions for growth in the DRE sector are stronger than ever. Beyond the historic Paris Agreement, 2015 also saw the launch of the United Nations’ dedicated Sustainable Development Goal (SDG7) of improving “Affordable and Clean Energy”.

The country’s off-grid products market has also grown exponentially in the past decade, with particularly rapid growth in the last three years. A recently published report by the World Bank estimates around 89 million people in the developing world now have at least one solar lighting product in their home.

India’s emerging renewable energy environment is creating a compelling platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to both develop and stabilize. Since 2014, the Clean Energy Access Network (CLEAN) has become a collective voice for these practitioners, working with multiple stakeholders including policymakers, investors, technology developers and training providers to strengthen and support the country’s growing energy access sector.

Hari Natarajan, CEO, Clean Energy Access Network says: “The second India Energy Access Summit will carry forward the spirit of the first edition and continue to foster symbiotic partnerships among practitioners, investors, policymakers, technology developers and training providers working toward achieving universal energy access. It will contribute toward developing a national energy access roadmap for India by highlighting the complementary role that DRE solutions play in ensuring quality and affordability of energy access.”


Last year, The Climate Group, in partnership with Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Clean Energy Access Network and South Asia Network for Clean Energy, organized the first ever India Off-Grid Energy Summit in New Delhi.

The Summit provided the much-needed platform for a diverse set of DRE sector participants including practitioners, investors, donors and funders to discuss the energy access framework of the Government of India, address critical issues and arrive at a collective roadmap for enabling the rapid progress of India’s DRE sector – which in turn could contribute to national priorities on equitable social and economic development.

Bringing together over 300 delegates including more than 100 off-grid energy practitioners, policymakers, donors, funders and regulatory experts, the Summit examined ways to work with government and show how the sector can harness the potential of clean energy market scale-up and bring energy access to all.

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