Insight Briefing - INDCs

Investment plans for low carbon growth
Reading time: 2 minutes
19 March 2015

LONDON: On the eve of the first deadline for governments to submit their emissions reductions pledges, The Climate Group publishes a briefing which looks at what 'INDCs' are and how they will help shape a global climate deal at the climate talks in Paris this December.

Over the coming months, countries from around the world will submit their intended plans for addressing climate change past 2020.

These so-called Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, or INDCs, will provide an early indication of what a climate deal could look like at the COP21 global climate talks in Paris this December. 

But importantly, INDCs also highlight which countries are embracing the economic opportunity that comes from bold climate action. Because of this, INDCs should be seen as strategic investment plans for low carbon growth.

Our latest Insight Briefing takes an in-depth look at INDCs and this critical economic opportunity. It examines what an INDC actually is and the impact they are likely to have on the road to Paris and beyond.

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