Italy’s largest airport raises the bar on energy productivity

21 May 2019

Aeroporti di Roma has become the first airport and first Italian company to join EP100, The Climate Group’s global initiative on smarter energy use, with an ambitious commitment to increase its energy productivity 150% by 2026, from a 2006 baseline.

Delivered in partnership with the Alliance to Save Energy, EP100 brings together major companies committed to using energy more productively – leading to higher economic output from every unit of energy they consume.

Aeroporti di Roma, which runs both the Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport and Rome Ciampino Airport, has already saved more than 220.000 MWh from rolling out energy efficiency projects since 2009.

Jenny Chu, Head of EP100, The Climate Group, said: “Aeroporti di Roma is setting a new standard for ambition on smart energy use. By committing to not only double – but triple – its energy productivity, the airport is showing companies everywhere that it is possible to use energy far more efficiently, and that doing so is good for business.”

Ugo de Carolis, Chief Executive Officer, Aeroporti di Roma, said: “As the leading Italian airport, we are strongly involved and committed to energy efficiency across the airport systems. Through the EP100 initiative, Aeroporti di Roma commits to improve the energy performance of the airport by 150% within 2026 (2006 baseline). This will be achieved through investments in innovation and energy efficiency programmes, key tools for tackling climate change."

"We are strongly involved and committed to energy efficiency across the airport systems."
Ugo de Carolis, Chief Executive Officer, Aeroporti di Roma

Making better use of cleaner energy

Aeroporti di Roma has already rolled out more than 300 energy efficiency projects across its two airport sites. These include installing more than 100,000 LED lights in its buildings, car parking sites and on airplane runways; revamping cleaning processes for equipment like heat exchangers and air coolers to increase efficiency; and training more than 900 staff on how to cut down on energy waste through their daily practices.

Being more energy efficient has also helped the company power ahead on other initiatives to reduce its emissions, such as sourcing renewable electricity from both wind projects and solar plants.

As part of this process, Aeroporti di Roma has constructed a smart grid close to the Rome-Fiumicino International Airport. Here, a solar plant generates electricity to power nearby EV charging stations and delivers co-generated heat for hot water within the terminal. The grid directly incorporates battery storage to maximize efficient use of the generated power.  

“Saving natural resources, energy, water and land consumption is a pillar of our operational and infrastructure developement strategy”, said Gianluca Littarru, Chief Operating Officer, Aeroporti di Roma.

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