Join our China Director Changhua Wu for live Twitter Q&A after the National People's Congress

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5 March 2015

LONDON: Following China's National People's Congress which starts today, we are hosting our China Director Changhua Wu for a live Twitter Q&A to talk about outcomes from the annual government meeting, as well as other topics relating to China's low carbon economy. Join us to ask questions by using hashtag #CleanRevolution on March 16, at 11.30am London time/7.30pm Beijing time.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group, says: “Taking place just a few days after this year’s China People’s Congress, our Twitter Q&A will allow us to discuss its outcomes as China begins the transition to its 15th Year Plan. The policy for this plan is already in place, but we need real targets to translate into reality. Let’s hope this is what we see come out of Beijing this and next week."

The annual National People's Congress started today in Beijing, with Premier Li Keqiang reiterating his vow to tackle China's pollution problem by introducing cleaner energy and clamping down on illegal emissions. He said pollution is a "blight on people's quality of life and a trouble that weighs on their hearts."

Changhua explains strong outcomes like this will have a welcome knock-on effect in Chinese and global markets, which will be closely following the talks. She said: “Positive decisions made in government will signal to Chinese businesses and investors that the low carbon economy is a common sense choice. But who will lead this shift, post 2015 and well into the next decades? That’s what The Climate Group’s Future Academy project aims to do: arm young entrepreneurs with the evidence, experience and tools they need to build strong, low carbon economies in China and beyond.

"The Future Academy is primed to kick off its second term, and by the end of this summer we will have produced six business case studies. I look forward to speaking with you live on Twitter about China’s political and business low carbon growth – and the young leaders who will accelerate the growth of tomorrow.” 

A new website for the Future Academy, the prestigious low carbon leadership and educational platform founded by The Climate Group, went live last week. The MBA-modeled program is designed to train entrepreneurial young people to become future leaders of China’s emerging low carbon economy. Admissions are still open to enrol.

To chat about low carbon leadership, China's economy and outcomes from the National People's Congress, join @ClimateGroup and @ChanghuaWu on Twitter on March 16, at 11.30am London time/7.30pm Beijing time. Use hashtag #CleanRevolution to follow the discussion or ask a question. 

Find out more about Future Academy

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