Leadership for a Clean Revolution

Reading time: 11 minutes
18 June 2012

Clean Revolution is a massive up-scale of clean technologies that will improve the efficiency and use of our natural resources; it will create jobs and it will boost economic growth.

To drive this change we need bold, transformational leadership.

Our latest report, Leadership for a Clean Revolution, aims to inspire the world’s most influential business, government and thought leaders to take transformative action on climate change, creating a tipping point for the low carbon economy.

We have spoken to a wide range of business and government leaders around the world. Based on these conversations, we developed this manifesto on Clean Revolution leadership and our rationale for why we need it now. And we share some of the greatest examples of leading action that we have found along the way.

The report matches latest thinking on climate policy, technology and science, as well as characteristics and actions exhibited by global sustainability leaders today – that must be mainstream by 2015 to secure a smarter, better and more prosperous future. For all

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