Leadership from the World's States and Regions

Clean Revolution
Reading time: 14 minutes
19 June 2012

State and regional governments play a crucial role in catalyzing sustainable development. Responsible in many cases for energy, transport, industrial and land use policies, their efforts to cut emissions will, to a large extent, determine our ability to prevent dangerous climate change.

The Climate Group’s States and Regions Alliance has become a positive force for progress towards a low carbon economy, with members using this network to share policy lessons and discuss common barriers to success.

Our new report showcases some of the most compelling examples of this leadership.

The report is framed around elements of sub-national leadership that are key to driving the Clean Revolution. It showcases a host of ambitious measures that are being implemented by Alliance members, and highlights the potential for replication across the world. And it identifies actions which will enable all governments to increase momentum on mainstreaming climate policy and transformational solutions for a smarter, better, more prosperous world.

We look forward to leading the Clean Revolution with you. 

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