Live Twitter Q&A on off-grid renewable energy in India with Krishnan Pallassana

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17 February 2015

LONDON: Following the launch of our report on off-grid renewable energy in India today, we're hosting a live Twitter Q&A with our India Director, Krishnan Pallassana on Monday February 23 at 10.30am London time/4pm New Delhi time. Join the conversation on #Bijli. 

Today in India, around 360 million people – about 77 million households – lack adequate access to grid-electricity. But our new research shows off-grid energy systems are an affordable and reliable solution to the energy gap. And the sector is rapidly growing.

Decentralized renewable energy enterprises in particular already serve close to 100,000 households, with an expected rapid growth of 60-70% annually to reach 900,000 homes and a market worth at least US$150 million by 2018. You can explore more data like this in our new infographic

We launched the new report, The Business Case for Off-Grid Energy in India, produced in partnership with Goldman Sachs Center for Environmental Markets, today in New Delhi. It shows both how businesses can support the renewable energy sector in India, and the added environmental and social benefits this can bring.

By identifying innovative business models that can meet future capacity demands and providing recommendations on how to address key challenges to scalability, we aim to drive greater private sector engagement and investment.

Joining us live on Twitter to answer your questions about the report and off-grid energy in India in general, is The Climate Group's India Director Krishnan Pallassana: “India has embarked on an ambitious low carbon growth path wherein energy access forms the crux of equitable socio-economic development. Harnessing solar power gives people the unique opportunity to enhance their productivity and thus living standards.

"Our new report aims to inform investors on the viable and scalable business models in the off-grid solar energy sector while showing India can achieve the energy revolution it’s aiming for – and crucially that the use of decentralized energy solutions can do so affordably. We look forward to hearing your ideas and questions about the report and the wider energy revolution in India, in our live Twitter chat next week.”

Join us on Twitter @ClimateGroup on hashtag #Bijli, on Monday February 23 at 10.30am London time/4pm New Delhi time.


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We have also created a series of photo facts using data from the report and pictures from our Bijli - Clean Energy for All project in India. Feel free to download and share them on social media using hashtag #Bijli. Just click play below, scroll through the gallery, and then click on an image to open it in a new window and simply download from there. 

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