Low Carbon Leader: California

Reading time: 10 minutes
1 January 2004

This publication shows the range of measures being implemented to reduce emissions. These include energy efficiency projects at Disney World, renewables purchase at Fetzer Vineyards, and developing new energy efficient technologies for PCs at Intel.

California is both utilizing and developing the technologies we will need worldwide to transition away from high carbon economic outputs. Examples here reveal how California businesses and government are utilizing energy efficiency, cogeneration, diverse fuels, renewable energy and other clean technologies to reduce their operating costs and increase economic output. Also demonstrated here is the leadership that the state and its businesses have taken to develop and grow the clean technology and renewable energy economic sector.

Overall it is estimated that cost savings generated from energy efficiency in the state already amount to some $20 billion, with further cost savings of $57 billion expected by 2011. The value of California export sales of energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean energy technologies stimulated by the state energy technology export program is estimated to be $500 million.

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