New briefings reveal how 8 energy-intensive jurisdictions in North America and Europe are accelerating climate action

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15 December 2017

LONDON: The Climate Group has published research which reveals how eight sub-national governments are driving the transition to cleaner energy in their jurisdictions – and by doing so, helping achieve a world of under 2°C of global warming and greater prosperity for all.

The findings come from The Climate Group’s Innovation Labs, which are part of its Energy Transition Platform, a global policy forum which brings together highly industrialized states and regions to share the challenges and opportunities they face in transitioning their energy systems. The Climate Group, alongside the initiative’s lead government North Rhine-Westphalia and Stiftung Mercator, launched the Energy Transition Platform in early 2016.

Leah Good, States and Regions Manager, The Climate Group, explains why the findings are important to the wider global energy transition: “While national governments continue to work on the details of the global deal signed at COP21 in Paris, real progress on climate action is being made on the ground by sub-national governments – including from industrialized regions that have built their economies on energy-intensive industries like mining and steel production, such as North Rhine-Westphalia, Minnesota and Wales.

“Aware of the risks of continuing reliance on fossil fuelled growth – and the huge opportunities presented by the shift to a cleaner economy – these governments are now putting the work in to address the challenges they face in cutting their emissions. While the findings are specific to these regions, they can be modelled and scaled up by innovative and ambitious governments around the world.” 

Research from the Innovation Labs has been summarized by the Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment across three thematic policy briefings, Community Renewables, Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Industry Engagement. Each briefing includes a profile on the governments involved as well as policy case studies, lessons learned and recommendations for state and regional governments.

Dr Richard Hanna, author of the Community Renewables briefing, explains “the Innovation Labs demonstrate the value of bringing states and regions together to share learnings and identify best practices in designing and implementing policies for decarbonisation. The role of the Grantham Institute has been to support this process by providing research on effective policy models and contextual factors in each region which can aid decisions on the most appropriate policy instruments.” 

Read the three Energy Transition Platform – Innovation Labs briefings:

  1. Community Renewables
  2. Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  3. Industry Engagement
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