New report hails UAE’s leadership in green economy

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23 April 2015

LONDON: A new report published today says the UAE is providing an exemplary model of leadership in the green economy regionally and nationally, and has the potential to be at the ‘hub’ of a new global energy revolution.

The UAE: Hub of the next energy revolution? is written by The Climate Group and launched to coincide with the World Green Economy Summit in Dubai, which The Climate Group’s CEO Mark Kenber is addressing during the closing plenary.

The report calls for the UAE to “be recognized for its low carbon leadership. Its green growth plan to create 160,000 new jobs by 2030 and boost GDP up to 5% clearly shows how clean energy benefits people”.

It also says that “the UAE is strategically located to take advantage of a rapid increase in demand for renewable power and clean technology” which is expected to happen after the international climate treaty talks at the Paris COP later this year.

“Clean technology innovation and international collaboration is earning the UAE a reputation as a leading clean energy innovation hub as the world looks – once again – to the region to help drive the next global energy revolution,” the report adds.

Mark Kenber said the UAE could become a ‘global green energy power’ after the climate talks: “There’s an extraordinarily ambitious strategy of investment and innovation that is paying dividends now, and positions the UAE to maximize the economic and business benefits of the expected boom in the green economy following the climate treaty summit.

“The Climate Group currently works with some of the world’s leading brands and also government agencies responsible for energy and authorities. We have recently started to work on a new initiative called ‘RE100’, which helps companies to adopt and benefit from using renewable energy in its operations. There are many UAE businesses that belong in this global vanguard.

“We also want to connect government authorities with members of our global network of state and regional partners in order to help promote the two-way exchange of expertise and opportunities for collaboration in areas such as energy efficiency and demand side management. There is clearly much which government entities here in the UAE have to contribute in this area.”

RE100 was launched at Climate Week NYC in September, 2014. Sixteen companies have now joined the campaign and made a public commitment to going 100% renewable. In addition to IKEA and Nestlé, RE100 brings together BT Group, Commerzbank, Elion Resources Group, Formula E, H&M, KPN, Mars, Philips, Reed Elsevier Group, J. Sara Sarasin Bank, SAP, SGS, Swiss Re and YOOX Group.

The Climate Group’s States & Regions Alliance comprises government entities in Europe, the Americas, South Asia, Australia and Africa, representing 313 million people and 11% of global GDP. The alliance members work together to develop innovative policies, phase out coal, invest in clean tech infrastructure and start-ups, linking up emissions trading systems, and developing new finance mechanisms.

Mark Kenber will be speaking at the WGES Closing Plenary of which the focus is 'Dubai the Capital of the Green Economy and the Road to Paris - Taking stock of the insights and outcomes of WGES 2015 and the way forward for the green economy'.

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