No need to wait: Accelerating adoption of LED street lighting

Reading time: 15 minutes
10 December 2015

This document supports The Climate Group’s ongoing LED (light emitting diode) consultation process, which is designed to identify key remaining issues around LED adoption, and support leaders and decision-makers in accelerating the transition to LED street lighting in cities and municipalities around the world.

Many regions have aging lighting infrastructure which in most cases is based on technology that may be over 30 years old and in urgent need of replacement. Prompted by the unprecedented opportunity for energy savings of up to 50-70% from LED solutions there is a need to not only schedule scale up of LED adoption but to increase the rate of city renovation.

“A full switch to the latest energy-efficient led lighting solutions provides significant energy savings, a reduction in CO2 emissions, and will transform urban environments”
Harry Verhaar, Philips Lighting
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