Our mass tweet telling the G7 to act on climate reached 1 million people

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5 June 2015

LONDON: As world leaders of the G7 head to their meeting in Germany this weekend, The Climate Group encouraged its business and government networks to join a social media campaign urging the G7 to ‘lead by example’ on climate which reached over 1 million people with one tweet, thanks to support from influential leaders like UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, the World Bank's Rachel Kyte and low carbon pioneer Philips Lighting.

The mass tweet, which was sent out on HeadTalker today, asked the G7 countries Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and US to help secure a robust global climate deal at UN negotiations in Paris this December by urgently supporting ambitious INDCs – national climate targets – and the low carbon economy, which is currently worth US$5 trillion.

While critical issues including energy security and climate are already high on the agenda at the G7 meeting in Germany, we want the world leaders to set an example for other nations too, especially those that have not yet submitted their INDCs.

Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group says to amp up countries' level of ambition in their submissions, INDCs should be seen as a way for governments to attract innovative companies to do business in their competitive low carbon economies, as opposed to just 'minimum' emissions reductions targets. He explains: “Rather than seeing their INDCs as being the least they can get away with internationally while retaining a modicum of credibility, governments should be treating INDCs as investor prospectuses, designed to attract the brightest and best business of the low carbon future.”

But as well as showing the business and wider climate community’s awareness of the G7’s critical role in boosting INDC levels and so shaping what a global deal could look like later in the year, our Twitter campaign also spotlights how ‘non-state’ actors such as businesses are already leading the way for national governments to follow.

For example many influential corporations are switching to cleaner energy and reaping financial benefits, as demonstrated through The Climate Group’s RE100 initiative, which supports companies like IKEA, Mars, M&S, Nestlé and Swiss Re on their journey to 100% renewable power across their operations.

Sub-national governments too, are in a position to prove to national governments like the G7 how climate action brings energy security, better air quality and a strong, more sustainable economy. The Climate Group States & Regions Alliance brings together a network of influential sub-national governments who are leading on low carbon growth, with many now keen to reduce their emissions 80-100%.

Even the fossil fuel industry is waking up to the new reality of a dominant low carbon economy, with chief executives of Europe’s biggest oil companies publicly sharing their support for carbon pricing and a global deal this week, which presents further incentive for leaders of the G7 to follow in the footsteps of business and sub-national governments.

Reaching over 1 million business, government, civil society and financial leaders with one tweet is impressive, but we want to reach even more people during this weekend's G7. So please spread the following G7 tweets with your networks by clicking the retweet buttons under each one.


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