Plugged-in Fleets

A guide to deploying electric vehicles in fleets
Reading time: 55 minutes
21 February 2012

Plugged-in Fleets: A guide to deploying electric vehicles (EVs) in fleets, was published in collaboration with Energy Saving Trust and Cenex, with support from Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, TFL and TNT’s Planet Medivision.

The report states that EVs can be commercially viable in business fleets, identifying a number of practical tools that fleet decision makers need to assess the benefits EVs can deliver:

  • The complete range of financial and operational incentives for fleet EV uptake
  • The ‘sweet spots’ that help EVs bring commercial advantage and future-proofing
  • The steps needed to assess the EV business case, company to company 

Put into action, these innovative fleet solutions will help accelerate a Clean Revolution: the massive upscale of smart technologies, policy and business practices that will ensure that the 9 billion people on the planet by 2050 will not only subsist – but thrive. 

Although the market is already rapidly transforming, it can be both a technical and a leadership challenge for businesses to steer their fleets towards a sustainable future, but this report provides businesses with the tools to not just adapt, but to prosper.

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