Post-COP18 briefing

Reading time: 8 minutes
13 December 2012

The 18th UN Climate Conference closed on Saturday December 8 2012, in Doha, Qatar, with a generally weak, but not unexpected outcome.

On the positive side the package of decisions, dubbed the ‘Doha Climate Gateway’, keep climate negotiations on track towards a new global climate deal in 2015. But the continuing lack of mitigation ambition from major emitters means that the window of opportunity for keeping global warming below 2C is closing rapidly.

This briefing note looks at the key thematic outcomes from the summit and offers observations on where the UN climate negotiating process is now heading.


Damian Ryan, Senior Policy Manager, The Climate Group, was writing news and analysis and live-tweeting throughout COP18, and provided an in-depth pre-COP18 briefing paper

We also posted a series of articles featuring analysis from our teams in the US, China, EuropeIndia and Australia on their nations' COP negotiating positions.

For a greater understanding of the negotiations, see our UNFCCC talks infographic.

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