RE100 annual report 2016

Growing market demand for renewable power
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20 January 2016

RE100’s 2016 Annual Report Growing market demand for renewable power sets out the drivers for businesses to go 100% renewable, and reports on progress being made by companies and sectors in RE100.

The report finds that on average, companies in RE100 are half way towards their 100% renewable electricity goals. Different sectors are facing different challenges, which leads to different approaches.

The report also outlines ways in which the campaign will help to grow market demand for renewable power in future – by working with other organisations and initiatives.

Brought to you by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP, as part of the We Mean Business coalition, RE100 is a global, collaborative initiative of influential businesses committed to using 100% renewable electricity. This will accelerate the transformation of the global energy market and aid the transition toward a low carbon economy.

68 of the world’s most influential companies have now joined RE100, including global brand names like Google, Unilever, and Tata Motors. For the full list of members and to find out more visit

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