RE100 businesses unite in call for strong climate agreement

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12 December 2015

PARIS: As COP21 negotiations in Paris entered their final day, RE100 corporate partners united in a call for an ambitious and robust climate agreement.

Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist at Microsoft, said: “Microsoft stands with the many voices within the private and public sectors urging the negotiators in Paris to come to a final agreement on climate change.

"Reaching agreement on a long-term goal framework for cutting carbon emissions and achieving greenhouse gas neutrality is critical to address climate change.

"It will also provide the certainty required for corporations around the world to accelerate their low-carbon investments and foster the creation of a true low-carbon global economy.”

Kevin Rabinovitch, Global Sustainability Director at Mars, Incorporated, said: "Back in October, we joined with the rest of the food and drink industry calling on global leaders to embrace the opportunity presented in Paris.

"Now really is the time for talk to become action and to meaningfully address the reality of climate change. Global policy makers should think big. Because big thinking leads to big results.

"Having a long term science based target will drive ideas and innovation, ultimately making what may have seemed impossible – possible.

"We are on the cusp of a deal that can change the world. And as a business we are committed to tackling the climate challenges that face us. We hope that global leaders will do the same.”

Fokko Wientjes, Vice President Sustainability & Public-Private Partnerships at Royal DSM, said: "The world leaders that will write history will be those that pave the way for a low-carbon future.

"As Royal DSM is committed to reducing emissions and enabling a low-carbon economy, we would welcome an ambitious agreement that sets a long term goal and sends a clear signal that greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced as early as possible."

The Climate Group and We Mean Business are watching closely as the final text is being unveiled at COP.

The groups welcome the leadership being shown by the COP21 Presidency and are calling on the Parties to agree to deliver the ambition reflected in the current text. 196 governments would be committing to creating a thriving, clean economy with equitable access to sustainable development for all.

A long term goal for cutting greenhouse gas emissions is now included in the final text - essential for giving businesses around the world the confidence to make long term investments in renewable energy.

The proposed text would unlock trillions of dollars of investments and accelerate the development and deployment of clean technologies, as businesses and investors raise their ambition and increasingly act to cut emissions.

More reaction to follow.

You can watch more of our exclusive video interviews with climate leaders and experts by following the hashtag #ClimateTV on social media.

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