Reading time: 2 minutes
13 January 2020

RE100 members cite Japan as one of the most challenging markets in which to switch to 100% renewable electricity. Fossil fuels still dominate the market, and affordable renewable energy options are limited. 

However, despite having a less ambitious renewable energy target (22-24% by 2030), substantial reform is underway. While obstacles still exist for producers and buyers, renewable electricity consumption has risen substantially over the last five years, following the introduction of a feed-in tariff.

This briefing sets out the current renewable electricity options for companies operating in Japan, including on-site generation, green contracts and energy attribute certificates. It includes examples from RE100 member companies Sekisui House, Marui Group, Sony Corporation and Unilever.

It also presents recommendations for policy makers that will accelerate market change and further increase the generation and consumption of renewable electricity in Japan.

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