RE100: The UAE

Hub of the next energy revolution?
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23 April 2015

Increased energy demand in emerging markets, uncertain energy prices and international pressure to reduce carbon emissions, mean governments and businesses see the economic and security benefits of shifting to clean energy.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is at the heart of this shift – the same as it was at the heart of the last energy boom. And just as its massive oil reserves provided a springboard for the incumbent energy revolution, its huge solar resources and cutting-edge technology development are shaping the region as a hub for the new, clean energy revolution.

Our latest analysis, supported by the International Renewable Energy Agency, provides an overview of the region's current and future renewable energy landscape and explores the UAE’s role in shaping the world’s new energy future.

Uniquely positioned in the world’s solar ‘hot-spot’, UAE is set to be a leader of the world's impressive solar sector growth. It is also learning important lessons from innovative flagship projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which help the government to understand how and where scaling up low carbon technologies can work best.

And while stimulating corporate demand for renewable power in the UAE is still at an early stage, strong signals from the increasing adoption of solar power technologies also indicate growing appetite from the private sector. 

The analysis is published as part of RE100, a global campaign of The Climate Group in partnership with CDP, working with the world’s most influential businesses to become 100% powered by renewables. 

RE100 activities in the UAE began with the launch of our seminal report RE100: The journey to 100%, which outlines the roadmap toward universal use of renewables in the business and industry sector.

The Climate Group and CDP are actively seeking more opportunities for co-operation in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East. Innovative businesses that commit to be part of RE100 will set a positive example for the government and other companies to follow.

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