Record 100 events now confirmed for Climate Week NYC 2014

Ilario D'Amato
5 September 2014

NEW YORK: Climate Week NYC will host more than 100 events this year, an absolute record for the annual international event, marking a global shift in how governments, businesses and civil society are now eager to find a common ground to tackle climate issues in a smart, innovative, effective way.

From September 22-28, 2014, Climate Week NYC's events will bring together heads of states, business leaders and civil society representatives to encourage climate action and discuss low carbon solutions. Now in its sixth year and convened by The Climate Group, this is the first year Climate Week NYC has attracted over 100 events. 

These numbers clearly show the broad support for climate action in particular from civil society, and how businesses and governments are already well engaged in accelerating climate solutions through a clean revolution,” remarks Amy Davidsen, Executive Director US, The Climate Group. “Climate Week NYC is a global platform for these leaders to collaborate and innovate in our common goal to end climate change and find ways to achieve a clean and prosperous future for all.

Climate Week NYC is also the collaborative space for all related events in support of the UN Climate Summit, which is convened by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday September 23. The combined events will create unique and powerful momentum that will pave the way ahead of 2015’s critical climate talks in Paris.

“Instead of asking if we can afford to act, we should be asking what is stopping us, who is stopping us, and why?asks Ban Ki-moon. “Let us join forces to push back against skeptics and entrenched interests. Let us support the scientists, economists, entrepreneurs and investors who can persuade government leaders and policy-makers that now is the time for action.”

On September 22-28, 2014, wherever you are in the world, get involved by following the conversation on social media using #CWNYC.

For a full list of Climate Week NYC events, please visit

You can also see our Climate Week NYC media resources for press releases, contacts and more info.

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