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5 October 2011

A Clean Revolution is the swift and massive scaling-up of clean technologies and infrastructure. It will create jobs, strengthen economic growth, and secure a smarter, better, more prosperous future for all. It is the only viable route to cut global emissions and avoid dangerous climate change.

Leadership is essential to the success of the Clean Revolution.

To illustrate the emerging global face of this Clean Revolution, we have selected an initial set of eight success stories, which in our view represent this new leadership.

These stories cover a diverse mix of businesses and governments: Better Place, BT Group, IKEA, Suzlon and the governments of China, Scotland, South Australia and the City of New York. All are innovating in some way to reduce carbon emissions, improve energy security, increase resource efficiency, transform markets for clean technologies, or create new business models.

We have presented these case studies on a new website,, which will continue to evolve with further compelling success stories of the Clean Revolution added in the future.

The Climate Group and its partners aim to make this website the world’s most comprehensive compilation of information and best practices for how governments and businesses are implementing the Clean Revolution. Both the United Nations and the World Bank endorse the website.

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