Three Peaks Challenge 2019: help us climb some mountains so others don’t have to!

Damian Ryan, Director, Strategy and Impact
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20 May 2019
The Climate Group Three Peaks Challenge Team
Here are some of The Climate Group team who are preparing to climb the Three Peaks!

The Climate Group is doing the Three Peaks Challenge!

For those not familiar with this iconic UK event, the challenge involves climbing the three highest peaks in Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafell Pike) and Wales (Snowdon), in just 24 hours. Easy!

So, why exactly are we doing this you might ask?

Well, partly because there’s a bunch of Climate Groupers that are mad enough to give it a go, but also because we want to raise funds for a new, paid internship program that we’re hoping to have up and running later this year.

Here at The Climate Group we’ve been fortunate to attract some pretty amazing interns over the years who have helped deliver our programs and events.

These resourceful and hardworking individuals have done so on a volunteer basis and in return have gained valuable experience and skills. Some have consequently joined the staff, while many have gone on to great careers in other organisations.

Last year, however, we decided to call time on this arrangement and move to a system that provides a living wage. It’s a move we recognize should have been made earlier, not least because we know that often volunteering is just not an option. For many, the high-cost of living in global cities like London, New York or New Delhi, where The Climate Group is based, means that volunteer internships often aren’t financially feasible.

The aim of the program is simple: we want everyone to have the same opportunity to work with us, regardless of background or circumstances. We also want to ensure that our interns reflect the diversity of the communities and countries that we work in.

Supporting young professionals in this way is the right thing to do.

It’s right because getting ahead shouldn’t be determined by where you come from or who you know.

And it’s right because we need to be investing properly in the next generation of climate leaders, thinkers and doers, who will ultimately determine if we solve this century’s greatest challenge.

Given the mountains that young professionals often have to climb early in their career, the Three Peaks felt like an appropriate challenge, and even more so when you consider the impact that climate change will have on this important environment.

We hope that you can support us with our challenge and enable us in turn to grow the next generation of climate leaders, thinkers and doers that the world needs.

To support our Three Peaks Challenge, please visit our JustGiving page

The Climate Group Three Peaks Challenge Snowdonia
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