Tulsi Tanti, Founder, Director and Chairman, Suzlon

Clare Saxon Ghauri
Reading time: 5 minutes
26 September 2012

This interview with Tulsi Tanti, Founder, Director and Chairman, Suzlon is part of our Clean Revolution case study series. Read the Suzlon case study.

  • How did you decide that wind energy was the solution you wanted to pursue in order drive sustainable development?

The world needs more energy. Wind is free and abundant and increasingly cost-competitive as an energy source – it is also a central power source for any low carbon economy.

  • What challenges did you face in rolling out your company?

Many! The wind market in India was pretty non-existent when we started Suzlon, but I think wind is now seen in many countries as part of the solution to the crises we have: global warming, energy shortages, the lack of water and food in many parts of the world. So, we are having a positive impact.

  • Why has Suzlon been successful?

From day one we have remained true to ourselves: outcome-focused, confident of the sector and our place in it, learning as we grew.

  • Was there a moment when you doubted your strategy? If so, how was this doubt overcome?

The global economic crash probably made every government and company in the world question and change their strategy, because nobody saw it coming. However, we are now in a good place once again and have created a strong platform for responsible growth.

  • Do you see other emerging-economy CEOs replicating your conviction that clean energy is critical to the development of India and Africa?

Yes, and that is extremely welcome. I believe in ‘cooperative competition’ – the majority of markets where we operate are still in growth phase, so there’s business for everyone. What matters is the outcome: clean and affordable energy for all.

  • What do business leaders need to do to make a Clean Revolution happen?

We need to be out there making the case for it. Organizations like The Climate Group, World Economic Forum and others are critical to enabling the Clean Revolution to become a sustainable and lasting reality.

  • Where will Suzlon’s focus be in five years?

Helping countries get to a place where 25% of their energy requirements are met by wind!

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