UK election: Where the parties stand on climate and energy

Reading time: 15 minutes
20 April 2015

Ahead of the UK’s general election on May 7, The Climate Group asked the seven main political parties five specific questions about their climate commitments and low carbon growth policies.

  1. If in government, will you continue to abide by the Climate Change Act?
  2. What are your party’s policies to ensure the UK continues to meet its mandatory carbon budgets and the legislated aim of reducing emissions by at least 80% in 2050?
  3. Business arguably has an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing many of the technological solutions and finance to support low carbon growth. What can governments do to support and incentivise low carbon investment by business, and equally what can business do to help ensure policy measures are effective?
  4. What will a government led by or including your party do to ensure the outcome at the international climate negotiations in Paris is ambitious?
  5. If your party is involved in negotiations to form a coalition government, will your position with regards to climate and energy policy constitute a ‘red line’ issue?

We gathered their responses together in this briefing paper, so the country’s businesses can easily compare side by side which leaders are best positioned to accelerate the UK’s low carbon economy.

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