UK-India Collaboration for a Low Carbon Economy

Opportunities, Challenges and Recommendations
Reading time: 14 minutes
15 November 2010

The UK-India Business Leaders Climate Group was launched in February 2010 to provide recommendations to the governments of the UK and India on how to accelerate collaborative, climate-friendly economic growth. Its members are drawn from a broad range of sectors including business associations, educational institutions and commercial organizations in media, banking, IT, energy, and manufacturing. Their organizations are all leaders in sustainability and innovation.

The UK-India Business Leaders Climate Group believes that moving to a low carbon economy is an essential part of a strategy to combat the impacts of rising energy prices, enhance energy security and reduce the risk of human induced global climate change.

Furthermore, the Group believes that the shift to low carbon technologies and processes provides major business opportunities: it increases resource efficiency, productivity and competitiveness, and leads to the creation of high quality jobs across a range of sectors.

A combination of leadership by businesses and clear policies from government to eliminate the barriers to increased investment and support climate-friendly growth is needed - both domestically and on the international stage - to ensure that these opportunities are fully realized.

The history of political and business links between India and the United Kingdom, together with their complementary set of skills and resources, means that expanded collaboration in the areas of policy design, investment, innovation and technology transfer and deployment can significantly accelerate low carbon growth, reduce the cost of both countries’ efforts to mitigate climate change and strengthen their international leadership.

This Charter of Principles is designed to enhance collaboration that builds on the relative strengths of the Indian and UK business communities and puts business at the heart of a prosperous climate-friendly economy. Implementation of these principles and actions will address some of the principal barriers to greater collaboration between the two countries and in so doing, unlock the potential for investment in low carbon growth.

The UK-India Business Leaders Climate Group is committed to advancing these principles through implementation of the actions. Where relevant, we recommend partnering with existing initiatives and institutions so as to leverage the progress made to date and draw on the support of a broad stakeholder base. Finally, the Group believes that policy making, both domestic and international, would benefit from greater involvement by progressive businesses and encourages the Governments of the UK and India to support this engagement. 

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