An uprising of defiant activity

Hannah Prime
Reading time: 2 minutes
31 May 2018

Friday June 1st 2018 marks a year since President Donald Trump publicly announced that he would withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement. Despite this, The Climate Group has seen a surge in activity from US businesses and state governments who have stepped up their climate action in response.

Helen Clarkson, Chief Executive of The Climate Group, comments:

“Like so many of us working in climate, I was hugely pessimistic at the announcement the US would withdraw from the Paris Agreement. But I’ve been surprised to see that the US federal government’s determination to walk backwards on climate change has unleashed a huge surge of forward movement from other parts of the US economy and state government.

The Climate Group has seen an uprising of defiant activity gathering pace in the last year – just in the last few months, US giants Apple, Google, and Wells Fargo have all reached 100% renewable electricity through our renewable energy initiative RE100.

The collective commitments of business and state governments have sent a powerful signal that they are not stepping in to line with the federal government when it comes to their attitude to climate – and they must continue with determination.”

An additional 13 major US companies have joined The Climate Group’s renewable energy initiative RE100 in the past year, committing to using 100% renewable energy. This includes financial giants Citi, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Visa, as well as big consumer facing companies including T Mobile and Kellogg’s.

This year New York State, as a member of Under 2 Coalition, supported by The Climate Group, also announced new proposed carbon dioxide standards which will lead to coal plants having to change the way they operate, or close down, leading to an end of coal plants by 2020.

June 1st will also be the one year anniversary of the US Climate Alliance, Climate Mayors, and the one year anniversary of We Are Still In and America’s Pledge.

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