"We cannot still act as if we have more than one planet", says Jeffrey Prins of DOEN Foundation

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18 August 2015

NEW DELHI: On the eve of The Climate Group's India Off-Grid Energy Summit in New Delhi, we hosted Jeffrey Prins, Program Manager, DOEN Foundation, to dissect the opportunities of connecting off-grid companies and societies to renewable energy.

First we got a bit of background from Jeffrey Prins about how the DOEN Foundation works with off-grid renewable energy projects like Bijli - Clean Energy for All.

When asked about the future of renewable energy in India, Jeffrey pointed our followers to The Climate Group report The business case for renewable energy in India and stressed that developing off-grid energy access is integral to wider scale low carbon economy progress.

Talking more about the role of philanthropic supporters he said firstly foundations need to "help de-risk and invest in entrepreneurs, to move the market towards renewable energy access" but that business investment is essential for the much-needed large scale of expansion. He also outlined what can help attract such investment in the first place, in response to a question from the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association.

When we asked what Jeffrey Prins sees as one of the biggest climate change-related challenges for off-grid communities he outlined the importance of urgent action as well as the economic benefits for such haste, concluding poignantly that we "cannot still act as if we have more than one planet". 


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