Why aren't city managers adopting LED lighting fast enough? Hear from our experts at Congress of Cities in Austin

Clare Saxon Ghauri
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11 November 2014

LONDON: Next week technology experts from The Climate Group will share exclusive insights from a series of LED lighting consultations we've had with leading cities around the world, at the biggest city manager event in the US - Congress of Cities.

Lighting currently accounts for nearly 6% of global CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, so there is a clear opportunity for us to make a huge dent in emissions if we figure out how to make lighting more energy efficient.

One very compelling solution is switching our lighting to low carbon light-emitting diode (LED) lamps. Not only can LEDs cut CO2 emissions from lighting 50–70% (when combined with smart controls), they also reduce costs, enhance public safety, minimize light pollution and make public spaces friendlier at night.

This is surely evidence enough to present a striking opportunity for city managers around the world, so The Climate Group will be presenting our own LED research at Congress of Cities, a summit which attracts more city managers in the US than any other event.

Taking place in Austin, Texas, over four days of seminars and workshops that this year will be based around the theme of The Future of Cities, Congress of Cities focuses on core topics including economic development, technology, sustainability, transportation and climate impacts.

The session we'll be involved in is on November 20 at 10:30-11:15 AM, called ‘No Need to Wait: Accelerating Adoption of LED Street Lighting’. Speakers will be Niels Van Duinen Head of Business and Professional Support - Philips Lighting, Dr. Ben Ferrari Director Partnerships, The Climate Group and Dr. Peter Curley Technologist, The Climate Group.

Ben Ferrari comments: “Many of the biggest cities from the world’s major economies have already begun to adopt LED street lighting: it is low carbon, cheaper and more efficient than traditional lights.

“But that doesn’t mean every city has moved on this opportunity as quickly as we’d like. The Climate Group is holding a series of consultations around the world this year to help work out what’s getting in the way of these cities adopting LEDs, so we can help remove the barriers. I’ll be sharing some of our findings with the hundreds of city managers at Congress of Cities, which we are honoured to be part of.”

The Climate Group’s ongoing 2014 global consultation aims to help address the remaining key barriers to LED adoption, and this Congress of Cities session will provide our initial results, including technical, policy, financial issues and insights as well as the broader socio-economic benefits that LED street lighting can provide, with America’s top city managers. Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend one-to-one meetings (and follow ups) before and after this session to explore their specific issues in more detail.

You can follow events on social media using #NLCATX and #FutureOfCities and by joining the Facebook event.

See which other workshops and seminars are taking place 

Find more info at nlc.org/CoC

By Clare Saxon

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