Youth Climate March in NYC

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17 July 2018

Zero Hour NYC, a chapter of the Zero Hour organization, is a student-led coalition dedicated to combating climate change and furthering a sustainable future. 

On July 21st, 2018, Zero Hour and students of NYC will take to the streets in an international Youth Climate March to call upon policymakers at every level of governance to separate themselves from the fossil fuel industry and support a complete transition to renewable energy. The March will unite students from across NYC and NYS with a range of environmental justice groups to show solidarity for the aforementioned vision and to connect students with opportunities for building on this work. 

In NYC, the Youth Climate March will begin at 11:00am at Columbus Circle and last until around 12:30pm, ending at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza by the United Nations Headquarters. It will be followed by an hour-long rally at the Plaza featuring student speakers from various environmental justice movements. 

The main march will be held in DC and sister marches will take place around the country and world. U.S. locations include New York City, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, and Seattle. International locations include Melbourne, Australia and London, U.K.

Why do they march?

"I march because climate change is a pervasive global threat that requires immediate action. Around the world, people's lives are already being threatened by climate change and as students, all of our futures will be, too. We have the capacity to effect positive change right now and it's our duty as world citizens to fight for a sustainable future. That means we need to call for complete divestment from fossil fuels and a transition to 100% renewable energy. It means we need to elect politicians who will prioritize the environment, and recognize communities who are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change and environmental degradation. It also means that all of us, especially today's youth, have a role to play in this fight." - Ilana, Co-Head Coordinator of Zero Hour NYC

“I march to protect the livelihood, not only of my grandchildren but of life on earth NOW! “ - Amy, Co-Head Coordinator of Zero Hour NYC

“I march because I know about the dangers of climate change. While the earth gets warmer and the ice caps melt, politicians turn their heads and refuse to acknowledge reality. Climate change is real and it is affecting everyone on this planet. We, the youth, must march for our future, not theirs.” - Rachel, Junior Coordinator of Zero Hour NYC

March Organizational Partners/Endorsements

Peoples Climate Movement, The Climate Group, Alliance for Climate Education, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Indigenous Environmental Network, Sierra Club, Sunrise, Womens March Youth Empower.

You can follow them on twitter and facebook.

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