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Since The Climate Group began our India operations in 2008, we've worked closely with Indian businesses and governments to encourage leadership on climate change and create a net zero emissions world. Our corporate office is located in New Delhi, but our programs are spread across the country.

Through networking with the business community, policymakers, media and civil society on bold, catalytic and high-profile projects and events, we are showing how climate policies and action can support India’s continued economic growth and development, providing a prosperous future for all.

  • Our projects

    Through our leadership and communications, we work with leading corporate companies to support well established our global campaigns, such as RE100 and EP100.

  • Events
    • We organized the first India Off Grid Energy Summit last year in New Delhi, which received significant participation and recognition.
    • Through our endeavor to induce climate change practices, we also organize regular national-level corporate workshops and top leadership round tables.
  • Past highlights

    BIJLI - Clean Energy for All

    The Climate Group delivered this project by working with local energy partners. Bijli - Clean Energy for All has provided access to clean, affordable solar energy to over 65,000 people in two years (2014-15) in the Indian states of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.

    Through the Bijli project, The Climate Group has identified several sustainable off-grid business models with high potential for scale up. Debt financing has been found to be the primary unmet need in the off-grid sector. To build on our learning and help fill this critical financing gap, The Climate Group is seeking to create a debt fund to enable flexible and catalytic financing for the distributed renewable energy sector in India that will bridge the gap to mainstream financial institutions.

    Read our Bijli closing report, which shows how Bijli - Clean Energy for All has helped us take important steps toward achieving our vision of a prosperous low carbon future for rural India.

    Explore our picture gallery of the Bijli project.

    LED street lighting

    The Climate Group’s groundbreaking LED street lighting pilot project, which was implemented by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Bureau of Energy Efficiency, tested the performance of 273 LED lighting installations in Kolkata. The benefits of the installations were extremely well received by the public. Results from a consumer survey showed more than 90% of Kolkata’s road and park users found LEDs to be a better lighting option than conventional lights. Our joint monitoring report conducted with municipal officials reflected a sound business case, with more than 50% energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and high levels of social acceptance. Since then, we have extended technical support and advisory to municipal bodies in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Surat, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Cuttack and Haldia to lay the groundwork for LED scale-up.

    Rooftop Solar Coalition

    This rooftop solar coalition was formed to provide definitive analysis and advice to central and state governments on what policies and regulations would be likely to unleash rapid scale up of private investment into rooftop solar.

    The aim was to bring rooftop solar to the point where progress to 40GW by 2022 is self-sustaining, as well as to identify opportunities for transfer of technology, business models and service innovation to energy access for poor households of India.

    The policy coalition was borne out of agreement between The Climate Group, Department For International Development and Khemka Foundation that led to the request for engagement from the government.

    Read the report Scaling Up Private Investment in Rooftop Solar.


    The South Asia Network for Clean Energy (StANCE) wants to bridge the gap between policy and practice in the clean energy sector, promoting a financial and technological cooperation between the private sector and governments.

    The purpose of STANCE is to bring together some of the most influential national and international thought leaders on a common platform. This is just a beginning to an initiative that brings together the SAARC countries to have their collective voices for the promotion of clean energy heard.

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