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The Climate Group Supports #BlackLivesMatter

2 June 2020, 14:05 BST 1 min read

In response to the events we are witnessing throughout the U.S, we stand in solidarity with the Black community to condemn the incidents of police violence and ongoing systemic racism in the police and across wider society. Silence only works to perpetuate social systems as they exist.

The climate community cannot be quiet on social justice issues as environmental and civil rights movements are intrinsically connected. Communities of color – specifically Black communities – are disproportionately affected by both climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. These are the same marginalized communities who have historically faced lack of equal opportunity for jobs, health, and security.

The Climate Group’s mission is driven by the hope for a clean, healthy and prosperous future for all through a just transition to a net-zero economy. It is important now more than ever to stand up for social justice, especially as our own staff have personally been impacted by police brutality and racism.

At The Climate Group, we acknowledge it is our responsibility to join and listen to the important conversation about race in America. We know this statement is not nearly enough and there is far more to be done. As an organization, we strive to increase diversity in our staff and to address representation and justice issues through our work. As we move forward, we will continue to engage on these issues, however uncomfortable or painful, in the pursuit of prosperity for all.